Saturday, 6 August 2011

Special request

Recently someone commented that they had lost track of who was on what vehicle. This isn’t really surprising as there have been quite a lot of changes to the original teams, so much so that at times we can’t even remember who is where! So here is a correct (for today!) list of the teams, where they are and who they are made up of:

Team Kasotiri (currently in Ulan Ude):
Tim, Katie, Sophie and Alice.

Team Commonwealth (also in Ulan Ude):
Graham, Vicky and Clare.

Team Temujin (Ulan Ude):
Alison, Richie, Emma and Laura.

Team Breakfast in Mongolia (heading to the Mongolian border as I write):
Robin and Richard C.

Team Mutley to Mongolia (Currently heading towards Irkutsk):
Alex and Fed.

Team Mahayana (with team Mutley to Mongolia):
Scott, Jo H and Jo S.

Sadly we have lost two of the team members in our travels. As already mentioned Tracey had to depart early at Omsk on the Trans Siberian Express because her visa was running out. Also, Richard D decided to leave the trip In Kazakhstan for personal reasons.

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